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Your family, Your milestones, Your memories

I believe in capturing and sharing moments, milestones, and memories. After sharing some of these moments with you, and capturing them for your memories, I want to be there to help you share them in the most beautiful ways possible.

A file just doesn't do your memories justice - and it certainly doesn't last. Social media moments disappear in days, even in hours - lost to an instagram feed in the possibility that a few people will scroll down a feed once or twice. Feed algorithms change, we change devices, hard drives fail, cloud accounts expire... and those captured moments are lost. 

That's why beautiful fine art prints, and collections of memories in an album, are the best option - this is what lasts. It's these that will hang on your walls for years, and that your grandchildren will be able to flip through generations later.

Because of the vast array of variables involved in the process, no retail or home printing can match the beauty and lasting quality of a print or album produced by your photographer from original image material, and printed by industry leading techniques on the highest quality materials. I develop close relationships with only the best suppliers to be sure that this is what you receive. Prints won't fade, canvases won't peel, bindings won't break. 



It all starts with choosing your prints and sizes. These are unmounted 'loose prints,' printed on fine art gallery-quality papers, and will mount beautifully inside a frame. 

Note that not all frames are standardized (especially the IKEA frames!), and some may require cropping or layout - but we can match any frame size.

In order to match your custom or family heirloom frames, the charts below are used to determine print investments by using the next-up size. eg. if your frame opening is 12x18", the price for the 16x20" is used

Standard Frame Sizes
4x6" or 5x7" $15
8x10" $35
11x14" $95
16x20" $195

To allow for more freedom in creating the fine art gallery display you will cherish, we have a full range of size and orientation options outside of the above standard store-bought frame sizes. And, again, if a custom size is needed, just let us know and we'll do our best to match it for you, using the next-up size as a pricing guideline.

Fine Art & Custom Gallery Display Sizes
8x12" $45
12x12" $95
16x16" $145
16x24" $195
20x20" $245
20x30" $295
24x24" $345
24x36" $395
30x30" $445
30x40" $495

These prices also cover most custom layout work. So if you'd like a collage of a few images on one print, let us help you decide on the best images, layout, and size, and the layout work is included in the purchase. Note that some more specialized requested editing work (extended retouching, reshaping, etc.) may require additional production fees.

Get it on the wall!

Nothing compares to the look and longevity of moving past a basic frame and into gallery mounting options. Nearly all of the above sizes - and even some custom sizes - can be mounted on plaque/float substrates, or canvas (the classic beauty), metal (stunning for black & white especially!), and acrylic (the crown jewel of print display).

These mounting options are all available beginning at 8x10".

Float & Plaque Mounts: Add $100 to the print prices above. (not available in 24x24" or 30x30" squares)

Canvas Wrap: Add $200 to the print prices above.

Metal Mount: Add $300 to the print prices above. (available to a maximum of 20x30")

Acrylic Mount: Add $400 to the print prices above. (not available in 24x24" or 30x30" squares)








I can't wait to plan your session with you - let me know your ideas!