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Planning your Engagement Session

The Session

Engagement portrait sessions are one of the most enjoyable parts of the preparations for your wedding.  You have the chance to capture your love for each other in your own style and surroundings, and there are often many more options for scheduling, location, wardrobe, and more, than are available for your wedding.  This also gives you the experience of a formal couples’ photographic session, and lets you get to know me and establish an increased comfort level before your wedding day.  

We’ll work together to achieve unique and beautiful images that you will cherish as deeply as your wedding images.



There are so many options!  And I'll list a lot of them here...but don't let it get too complicated. A simple, classic, romantic session can be absolutely your style! But if you        Discuss with your partner the overall look you would like to achieve.  Begin with the style - casual, formal, classic, contemporary, ultra-



Discuss with your partner the overall look you would like to achieve.  Begin with the style - casual, formal, classic, contemporary, ultra-modern, or perhaps a theme that you have in mind. What about season - summer picnic or fun & adventure? Classic fall romance? Winter coziness?  These general choices will help you decide on timing and locations.

Think of things that are special to you that you may want to include. Locations that have been a part of who you are as a couple, the place where you met or where he proposed, times of year you enjoy most, activities you cherish together - a night on the town, a concert, a walk in the park after a dinner out, a Sunday morning Starbucks visit, hobbies or activities that brought you together, a run at the park with your family dog, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, sports you play together, and the list goes on. We are very flexible with regional travel, and we love to hear your ideas!

Also, do you have any plans for a Save the Date card or e-announcement or countdowns? Or are you using a wedding planning app to keep your guests posted? If so, be sure to discuss this with me so we can allow enough time to produce the photos you may need for these elements. I can also help you with any design and printing, and can also refer you to fantastic local wedding stationery designers for something truly unique and top-notch.

The most important consideration for the scheduling of your session is light!  The lighting conditions, including the direction of the sun, the timing of the sunset, or the need for portable lighting at indoor locations or for a specific look, are crucial in achieving the look you have in mind.  I’m a lighting professional and should be your primary source of advice and information. Cameras do not see the same way our eyes do, so definitely let me know what you have in mind, and I can help you make it work!

Please discuss these general ideas with me with as much advance notice as possible as multiple schedules may need to be considered and some locations require advance booking.


Wardrobe & Styling

I will discuss your wardrobe choices with you a few weeks before the session once the style and location have been determined.  The key elements will be matching your styles, your chosen activities & locations, and avoiding any distracting colours or patterns.  I’ll have much more detailed information for you!

Many brides also like to factor in a hair & makeup appointment before the session - I highly recommend this! It’s also a great time to run a hair & makeup test with stylists you are considering for your wedding day. Let me know if you need stylists - I’m happy to point you in the right direction!


Guest Book Albums

If you are purchasing a Wedding Guest Book Album, there will be additional timeline considerations in place to ensure a proper time frame for production in time for your wedding - basically allow a month between shooting and when the album needs to be in your hands. We can sometimes compress this time frame, but would need to know in advance, and it will limit some available options.


Production and Delivery

Within a week after your session, I’ll have a beautifully produced set of images ready for you! Depending on the nature of the session, you'll normally receive a curated set of roughly 20-40 images. Normally you’ll get to see these at a screening here at the studio, but if scheduling is a challenge we can work by email as well. It’s just more fun to view them together! With a standalone engagement you will receive these final images in a web- resolution, with the option of purchasing prints, mounts, albums, and larger digital files for standard printing. If you've also booked a wedding package with us, you will receive all of these final images at both a web- and a standard-print size for up to 5x7” prints. You’ll also have the ability to order guest book albums, prints, canvases, and anything else you have in mind. 

I can't wait to plan your session with you - let me know your ideas!