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Position Available: 

Assistant/Associate Photographer
for Family & Children’s Photography - (Family, Maternity, Children, Infant)

(This posting available as a PDF file here.)


Sightlines Photography is seeking an Assistant or Associate Photographer for our growing Lifestyle Portrait division, encompassing the full range of family & children’s photography.  This role is ideal for a photographer who specializes in some or all of family, maternity, infant, and children’s photography, has set the highest of standards for their complete workflow, and would like the opportunity to develop within an established, supportive, dynamic company environment.

This position will allow the successful candidate to explore their passion for this genre in a rapidly growing business, and play a direct role in continued growth.  The principal duties will be centred around the photographic and editing/production roles, and marketing/promotional duties will also be involved.  This photographer will ideally assume a key role, helping to define the artistic direction for our growth in this area.  

The successful candidate will enjoy the business, marketing, promotional, and facility support of working in an established photographic studio company, including a dedicated consult & screening office, studio access at Aspire Studios, lighting equipment, studio props, liability insurance coverage, professional development opportunities, and more.

Formal training in photography, including studio lighting techniques, will be considered an asset, but a combination of training, experience, and related skills as evidenced in your portfolio and interview will be the strongest indicator of your qualifications for this position.



You will handle the client service process from preparation and planning, through shooting and production, including screening sessions and sales of products (files, prints, albums). The actual range of duties will be discussed with the successful candidates based on their strengths, and training will be provided as needed. Photographic ability and client service approach will be the key considerations for selection.

The candidate will contribute to the growth of their role through marketing and promotion of their specialty under the Sightlines name, such as social media marketing, blogging, assisting at trade shows, development of promotional events, and similar activities.

Payment will be based on a majority percentage of session fees and product sales, allowing for business and production costs, paid on an Independent Contractor basis, with rewards for repeat business and recruitment of new clients.  Depending on qualifications, the successful candidate may initially be placed in an Assistant Photographer role before being considered for advancement to Associate Photographer.

Additional photographic opportunities, such as assist-shooting on weddings and similar events, boudoir photography, commercial project assists, etc., will be available as well.



Experience in arranging, photographing, and producing lifestyle sessions is required.  The strength of the portfolio and the results of the in-person interview will be the key elements leading to the selection of a photographer for this role.  Shortlisted candidates may be asked to photograph and produce a session with existing Sightlines Photography clients.

Training in photography, either through informal continuing education or formal diploma/certification, is required.  Groundwork in studio lighting techniques will be an asset, as will knowledge of post-production methods in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v. 5+ and Photoshop CS/CC.  Note that training will be partially or fully provided as needed, as will software licenses. 

The successful candidate should have the weekday schedule availability and general flexibility to be able to book sessions at the clients’ convenience.

The successful candidate should have access to a reliable vehicle and must possess a valid Manitoba driving license. 

Initial application will be by web-based portfolio (Picasa album, Flickr album, web gallery, etc.) and brief email questionnaire.  Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted for an interview and presentation of a print portfolio.



To apply for this position, please email  indicating your interest in the position.  You will receive a brief email questionnaire to complete, including a link to your online portfolio (Picasa Album, Flickr Album, web gallery, etc.).  Please wait for the questionnaire before including the link to your portfolio.

Application DeadlinePlease indicate your interest before 5:00 pm on September 30, 2016.  (Additional applications may be accepted until position is filled.)  We aim to run shortlist interviews in early October and begin booking sessions as soon as possible after these interviews.


Company Profile:  

Sightlines Photography is a Winnipeg-based photographic studio offering a complete range of imaging services through two divisions, a Commercial and a Wedding & Lifestyle division.  Our Commercial division serves the Canadian business community with food, product, architecture, event, performing arts, and portrait photography.  The Wedding & Lifestyle division serves couples and families throughout southern Manitoba, at a level representative of the industry’s best, emphasizing efficiency, artistry, performance and high standards.